Bristol Data Science Seminars

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At the Jean Golding Institute we run a calendar of workshops throughout the year from networking events to training.


Take a look at all JGI and other events in the world of data science and data intensive research

Slides and information on previous workshops and meetings

Title of workshop / meetingDate
Causal graphs (PDF, 8,123kB) 23 October 2019
Mapping the analytical paths of a crowdsourced data analysis (MAPS) 18 September 2019
High dimensional and Bayesian inference toward quantifying real-world uncertainties 30-31 May 2019
Data Week 2019 20-24 May 2019
Ethical Governance - Alan Winfield (PDF, 9,385kB) Publication in Nature Electronics 30 January 2019
Data analysis best practice workshop 15 Oct & 15 November 2018
Data Week 2018 25-29 June 2018
Using Secondary Data in Research Workshop 7 February 2018
Department for International Development (DFID) visit to the University of Bristol 31 January 2018
Demystifying Machine Learning Part 1 (PDF, 516kB) Demystifying Machine Learning Part 2 (PDF, 611kB) 5 December 2017
Whose Culture is it anyway? 15 November 2017
Data visualisation with Tableau 13 September 2017
GW4 data intensive workshops 2017

Database resources for large-scale and complex data


Data Science meets AMR workshop

25 May 2017


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