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Self-funded students may apply to any of the SWDTP pathways:

Studentships at the University of Bristol

Fully funded ESRC studentships are available at the University of Bristol for September 2018/19, as detailed on our scholarships webpage. Applicants may apply to one or more pathways but please note the ESRC's eligibility criteria for overseas and EU students. For further information, please use the links and contacts listed in the tables below.

Students wishing to apply for ESRC funding can apply for either a Msc followed by PhD programme (1+3 award) or PhD only (+3 award). Students wishing to undertake PhD study only (+3 awards) must meet the ESRC criteria in terms of previous master's level study and should read the SWDTP Admissions Statement (PDF, 75kB) for further information.

Students applying for ESRC funded scholarships are encouraged to speak to their chosen school prior to application in order to discuss their research ideas with a suitable supervisor. Students are also encouraged to look at ways of incorporating collaboration with external partners into their research proposal. Collaboration does not always have to be a financial arrangement and could take the form of a placement, voluntary work, data sharing or other payment in kind opportunities.

Students considering overseas fieldwork, overseas institutional visits or difficult language training should also mention this in their application where possible.

Visit for further information.

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