Group members

Dr Sarah Ayres

Sarah Ayres is a Reader in Public Policy and Governance. Her core research focuses on the governance of place, space and territory. There are two main strands to this work; one which is concerned with devolution and decentralisation in both a UK and international context and secondly, exploring the role of partnership working and network management in the governance of territory. 

Professor Jonathan Beaverstock

Jonathan Beaverstock is a Professor of International Management within the School of Economics, Finance and Management and the International Director for the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law. His research spans the fields of international business management, economic geography and migration studies. 

Ms Caroline Bird

Caroline Bird is Future Cities and Communities Knowledge Exchange Manager and Research Fellow within the University of Bristol Law School. Her research interests include, in gernal terms, looking at environmental sustainability, and more specifically, community action, energy and climate change and sustainable environments. 

Professor Keri Facer

Dr Jon Fox

Jon Fox is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology within the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies. His research interests are mainly within the realms of nationalism, ethnicity, racism and migration. He teaches programmes entitled Nations and Nationalism and Ethnicity & Racism, and also International Migration and Theories of Ethnicity & Racism.

Dr Sean Fox

Sean Fox is a Lecturer in Urban Geography and Global Development. He was previously based at LSE and the DfID-funded Crisis States Research Centre. His research interests include understanding processes of social, economic and political change in less-developed countries. 

Professor Rich Harris

Rich Harris is a Professor of Quantitative Social Geography. His recent work has, in general terms, has had the geographies of education and learning as its focus. He also looks into the application of spatial statistics and geodemographics in marketing, public policy and urban geography. 

Dr Anne Haase

Anne Haase is a Senior Lecturer in Exercise, Nutrition and Health. Generally her research is concerned with individual and family-based theoretical interventions to lifestyle behaviour change. One of her recent funded research projects is entitled TREAD (RCT to evaluate theory-based delivery of activity support to people with depression).

Dr Stephen Heblich

Stephen Heblich is a Reader in the Department of Economics, with interests in Urban Economics, Labor Economics, Political Economy and Economic History. His recent explores spatial disparities in the distribution of human capital, innovative activities and entrepreneurship that explain differences in regional economic development.

Dr Liz Holcombe

Liz Holcombe is a Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering specialising in dynamic slope hydrology and stability modelling with a particular focus on urban landslide risk management in the Humid Tropics. Since 2011 she has been engaged by The World Bank as Consultant Landslide Risk Management Specialist. 

Dr Misa Izuhara

Misa Izuhara is a Reader in Comparative Policy Research and the Head of the Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research at the School for Policy Studies. Her recent research projects include cross-national comparative research on Housing Assets and Intergenerational Dynamics in East Asian Societies, which is an ESRC funded project.

Dr Patricia Kennett

Patricia Kennett is a Reader in the School for Policy Studies. Her current research project is entitled The Uneven impact of recession on cities and households: Bristol and Liverpool compared. Her research tends to concern governance and social policy, cities and citizenship. She is also Co-Editor of the ISI ranked International Journal of Social Policy.

Dr Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson is a Senior Lecturer in Postcolonial Geographies. His research is motivated by interests in three main areas; Contemporary and classical social theory, Built & Urban space and Political ecology. He is currently the director of the School of Geographical Science’s MSc in Human Geography: Society and Space program and developed the Politics and Matter Research Cluster.

Professor Antonia Layard

Antonia Layard is a Professor of Law within the University of Bristol’s Law School and she teaches courses on property, planning and environmental law. She is also the PGR Director at Bristol Law School. Within her research she explores how law, legality and maps construct space, place and ‘the local’. 

Dr Su Lin Lewis

Su Lin Lewis is a Lecturer in Modern Global History. She is currently completing a manuscript based on her PhD dissertation entitled Cities in Motion: urban life and cosmopolitanism in Southeast Asia 1920-1940. Her research, in broad terms, looks at global and transnational history in the twentieth century.

Dr Helen Manchester

Helen Manchester is a Lecturer in Educational and Social Futures in the Graduate School of Education; specialising in conducting participatory, co-produced research with community and voluntary organisations and cultural institutions. Her research often tends to have a focus, for example, on space and place and future cities. 

Dr David Manley

David Manley is a Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Geography. His research stems from an interest in trying to better understand how the places in which individuals live interact with the outcomes that they experience over their life course. Recent publications include the first of a three volume edited series on neighbourhood effects work, published by Springer.

Professor Alex Marsh

Alex Marsh is Professor of Public Policy and Head of the Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research in the School for Policy Studies. His research focuses primarily on housing policy and the housing system, but his work also touches on complexity and systems thinking, urban technologies, infrastructure and place-based leadership. 

Professor Morag McDermont

Morag McDermont is a Professor of Socio-Legal Studies and is the Principal Investigator for two research programmes; Productive Margins: Regulating for Engagement (an ESRC-funded project), and New Sites of Legal Consciousness: a case study of UK advice agencies (an ERC-funded project). Her research interests generally concern such topics as; Housing Law and Policy and Social Theory. 

Professor Bronwen Morgan

Bronwen Morgan is a Professor of Socio-Legal Studies. Her research interests can be seen in three of her recent projects; the first concerned access to urban water services in comparative perspective, the second on the rise of the regulatory state in the developing world and finally, sub-national and local dimensions of climate change policy in developing countries. 

Dr Colin Nolden

Colin Nolden is a Vice Chancellor's Fellow.  His research interests span energy and climate service business models, energy and climate policy, and sustainability.  He recently co-authored a book with the title 'From the Paris Agreement to a Low Carbon Bretton Woods.'  As a co-director of Community Energy South, he is involved in business model innovation linking community energy projects with energy clients.  His new research project investigates the development of sustainable city business models.  With the merging of energy and mobility services in Bristol as a case study, transformative processes are analysed to shed light on the changing nature of city business models given the need for 'smart' technology and systems to be socially acceptable, environmentally responsive and economically accountable, as well as holistically integrated into increasingly decarbonised energy systems and, ultimately, carbon markets.

Professor Richard Pancost

Richard Pancost is a Professor of Biogeochemistry and the Director of the Cabot Institute which carries out fundamental and responsive research on risks and uncertainty in a changing environment. His research involves looking into, for example, molecular and isotopic proxies for biogeochemical processes in modern and ancient sediments.

Dr Richard Sheldon

Richard Sheldon is a lecturer in Social and Economic History in the Department of History. His current work has a focus on British history from 1700 to 1860, especially the history of radicalism and protest movements and the comparative study of famines and famine relief c.1700 to the present.

Dr Helen Simpson

Helen Simpson is a Reader in Economics within the Centre for Market and Public Organisation at the University of Bristol. Her research interests include empirical analysis of firm location decisions, productivity, innovation and the effects of foreign direct investment. She also teaches courses on Applied Microeconomics and Industrial Economics. 

Dr Robert Skinner

Robert Skinner is a Teaching Fellow in Modern History, specialising in the social and political history of South Africa, and more specifically the relations between South Africa and the rest of the world over the course of the past century. He recently completed a book entitled The Foundations of Anti-Apartheid (Palgrave, 2010). 

Dr David Sweeting

David Sweeting is a Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies; he is currently working on two projects; one which examines the reform of local political leadership in Bristol, and the other with a focus on Spain. His Bristol project examines the introduction of a directly elected mayor in Bristol. 



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