Health, Science and Technology

The FSSL Health, Science and Technology grouping brings together a critical mass of scholars from across the faculty to explore the most pressing challenges at the interfaces of the health and social sciences. Our members are committed to undertaking innovative and inter-disciplinary research at both national and global levels.

Our aim is to contribute to an enhanced understanding of the human and social impacts of health and science interventions. Researchers in HST employ a range of theoretical and methodological approaches

The role of HST is provide opportunities and support for scholars from across the faculty and foster research relationships with academics and research partners outside of FSSL

HST brings together academics from the five schools within FSSL.

Geographical Sciences
School for Policy Studies (SPS)
School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies (SPAIS)


FSSL HST activities have two broad remits:
a. Fostering links across the FSSL
b. Fostering links across the University of Bristol

a. Each theme will have a lead responsible for coordinating the following activities:
Seminar Series
Reading Group
End of term socials

b. The groups leads will be responsible for coordinating events throughout the year that link FSSL HST members with research partners in others schools.

Group Leads

To join this group, please email the group leads with details of your relevant research interests.

Dr Judy Laing (LAW)
Dr Sheelagh McGuiness (LAW)
Dr Maria Fannin (Geographical Sciences) *Currently on maternity leave*

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