Families and Parenting

Research summary

The Families and Parenting group exists to bring together the expertise on families and relationships across the Faculty of Social Sciences. We draw members from a diverse range of disciplines, including (but not limited to) Social Policy, Social Work, Law, Sociology and Politics, Social and Community Medicine, and Education. The central research questions considered by the group are those arising from the regulation of families and in particular the activities of parents.

Some sample questions addressed by the group and its members include:

  1. How should policy and law conceptualise the ‘families’, and what kinds of family structures do current law and practice perpetuate or ignore.
  2. What constitutes ‘good parenting’ and what might the state do to promote it?
  3. How should the state, including social workers and the law, intervene in families to produce favourable social outcomes?
  4. What kinds of regulations are most appropriate for the use of new technologies by people who wish to become parents?

This research program draws heavily on existing strengths at the University of Bristol. In particular the Children and Families Research Centre, the Hadley Centre for Adoption, the Centre for Ethics in Medicine and Bristol members of the GW4 Network on Family Regulation and Society. By bringing members of each of these groups together with other experts from across the faculty of social sciences, the Families and Parenting group offers the university an important strategic advantage in a high profile area of policy discourse.

Group Lead(s)

To join this group, please email the group leader with details of your relevant research interests.

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