Group members

  • Jenny Barke (University of Bristol Law School, Southville Community Development Association (SCDA))
  • Ruud ter Meulen (School of Social and Community Medicine)
  • Ann Rippin (School of Economics, Finance and Management)
  • Agnes Bezzina (School for Policy Studies)
  • Ailsa Cameron (School for Policy Studies)
  • Anne Haase (School for Policy Studies)
  • Misa Izuhara (School for Policy Studies)
  • Ellie Johnson (School for Policy Studies)
  • Hilary Land (School for Policy Studies)
  • Liz Lloyd (School for Policy Studies)
  • Leona McCalla (School for Policy Studies)
  • Randall Smith (School for Policy Studies)
  • Demi Patsios (School for Policy Studies)
    Research interests: The effects of an ageing population on policy development and on the capacity of the health and social systems to respond to these needs. The roles and responsibilities, interactions and linkages between the market, the state, the voluntary sector and informal sector in meeting the needs of older people. How experiences, choices, opportunities, and constraints earlier in the life course influence quality of life and wellbeing in older age. Examining the plight of poorer pensioners in the UK, Northern Ireland and Channel Isles. Development of a Living Standards Index for the UK, as well as looking into changes in the prevalence and incidence of pensioner poverty and social exclusion in the UK.
  • Paul Willis (School for Policy Studies)
    Research interests: As a researcher in social care my research interests include: sexuality, care and ageing; trans ageing and gender identity; inclusive care provision for diverse groups of older people; older men's experiences of loneliness; equality measures in organisations, and; queer youth health and wellbeing. From 2011 to 2013 I led a mixed methods project into the provision of inclusive services for older lesbian, gay and bisexual people in residential care environments in Wales (funded by NISCHR, Welsh Government). From March 2016 I'm co-managing a two-year participatory project on 'Trans Ageing and Care' (TrAC) about improving health and social care services in Wales for older transgender people. The project is funded by Dunhill Medical Trust.
  • Therese O'Toole (School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies)
  • Junko Yamashita (School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies)
  • Helen Manchester (Graduate School of Education)
    Research interests: My research interests fit broadly into the fields of cultural and technology studies, social justice and education. I specialise in conducting participatory, co-produced research with community and voluntary organisations and cultural institutions. I have completed research exploring youth voice and agency, school ethos and creativity in schools (funded by Creativity, Culture and Education, 2009-2011) and more recently received AHRC funding to explore young people’s own understandings of cultural value and their everyday lived experiences of cultural participation across the city of Bristol. I am also now working closely with older people in two Connected Communities funded awards. I am PI on the ‘Tangible Memories’ project, which is an interdisciplinary project (with Co-Is in history and computer science) looking at co-designing tangible technologies for object based storytelling with older adults living in care settings. In addition I have recently become Academic Lead on a Productive Margins project ‘Isolation and Loneliness of older people’ – working with Southville Community Development Centre and the 3Gs organisation in South Wales to co-produce approaches to the development of services for older people living in the community. Bringing together my work with older and young people I am also interested in developing research looking at intergenerational living and learning. I was recently funded (with Keri Facer) by the Future Cities Catapult to run a series of workshops on intergenerational future cities and hope to continue this work.

Doctoral students (current)

  • Gemma Morgan (Social and Community Medicine)
  • Georgia Smith (Exeter, ESRC SWDTC Health and Well-Being Interdisciplinary Pathway)

Bristol/South West

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