Research Action Coalition for Race Equality

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Collaboration between Black South West Network and the University of Bristol – centring principles of co-production

The Research Action Coalition for Race Equality (RACE) is a unique collaboration between the University of Bristol and Black South West Network working with key strategic partners including the Commission of Race Equality, Bristol City Council, third-sector Race Equality organisations and others committed to the elimination of race inequality in Bristol and the South West.

RACE aims to connect research and data to community-led approaches, in ways that recognise, value and respond to communities’ lived experiences and diverse forms of knowledge and expertise, through partnership, collaboration and co-production between academics, community groups and policy-makers.

The overarching aim of the network is to co-produce knowledge regarding the presence and drivers of race inequality in the region and to ensure effective policy responses to these: through engagement with a diverse range of stakeholders, including those from disadvantaged groups, third-sector organisations, policy-makers and business leaders as well as academics from across the University.

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Dr Saffron Karlsen
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Associate Teacher
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