How we work in partnership with Faculty staff

To benefit education and research activity across the Faculty, we are working with colleagues to develop and maintain a wide network of external connections relevant to our academic disciplines.

The network and initiatives we have developed aim to enhance the educational experience for our students by connecting them with organisations relevant to their degree programme, and to provide a network to support engaged research.

Since the Professional Liaison Network team was set up in 2016, we have developed a set of contacts in organisations ranging from small local charities and social enterprises, to government organisations and large corporates. 

Our various initiatives aim to provide our students with a more engaged learning experience, offering them fair and equal access to a vibrant and valuable external network of discipline-specific external partners. These include new mentoring, internship and placement schemes, as well as lectures and events. See Student Opportunities page for full details. We work closely with the University Careers Service to ensure that our student initiatives complement the comprehensive work they do.

We will continue to work with colleagues on these educational initiatives and work with you to ensure that these developing networks benefit research activity in the Faculty.

How we can help you...

  • Provide you with external connections for educational initiatives or research projects - our contacts are available to all in the Faculty 
  • Work with you to develop and deliver initiatives involving discipline-relevant external partners to enhance students’ educational experience (for example, we have worked/are working with colleagues on: sourcing external speakers to deliver lectures and seminars within or outside the curriculum; developing placement units; developing external mentoring and internship schemes)
  • Work with you to develop new relationships with external partners, or build existing partnership by adding to the portfolio of engagement
  • Continue partnerships beyond the end of a particular project - we could offer internships, for example, as a way of continuing the work of a research project

How you can help us...

We are looking for support from academic and professional services colleagues in two main areas:

  • Help to make others - particularly students - more aware of PLN activities. Please do spread the word in whatever way you can, whether it’s in personal tutorials, lectures and seminars or through your social media channels; we want as many students as possible to be aware - and enthused by - what we do.
  • Share connections. We are trying to create a varied set of external contacts, so we encourage you to share you connections with us so that we can continue to build this network. In cases where you do not wish a connection to be contacted without your permission we can set them up in our database to ensure that this will happen. The benefit of sharing contacts is that they access more opportunities to work with the Faculty, and the partnership can develop and continue beyond any one individual connection or project; this does not of course replace personal and long-term connections between individuals - however it offers continuity and enhancement to these kinds of relationships.
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