Collaborative Research

Discover how a research project with University of Bristol could open new doors for your organisation

We bring together skilled students and leading academics with your specific business needs to shape impactful research projects.

How we can help you

  • Link you with leading research academics to discuss your research needs and ideas
  • Explore opportunities to co-fund or commission research
  • Build a long term relationship with UoB that meets your organisation’s strategic needs

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If you are a business and would like more information on collaborating with the University please contact:

Jiangee Ching
Business Engagement Coordinator, Social Sciences and Law Faculty Office

Current activity

What are we up to?

The Bristol Model: Putting students at the heart of knowledge exchange to address social and economic challenges.

Our six projects work with organisations such as Bristol City Council, Voscur, Black South West Network and the Wellspring Settlement.

ASPECT Fintech Deep Dive

Dr Ruth Welters and Professor Jon Beaverstock, School of Management, University of Bristol are working with Stuart Harrison from FinTech West on a ‘Deep Dive’ into good practice in University-Business engagement, with Fintech as a focus. The project is joint with University of Glasgow and Fintech Scotland and is funded by the ASPECT programme. Across Scotland and the SW of England, the academic teams interviewed around 10 start-up and scale-up fintech companies to understand their experiences of working with universities, from student placements to graduate employment/skills and talent needs, to the potential to collaborate on research projects. This gave the team insights into the companies’ needs, for examples, for investment and scale-up support, as well as highlighting how hard it can be for small companies to navigate universities. Read the article Fintech Social Science Engagement (PDF, 103kB) to find out more on how social sciences can transform society and innovation through engagement with business.

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