The Bristol Model

Putting students at the heart of knowledge exchange to address social and economic challenges

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What is The Bristol Model project?

The Bristol Model is a series of research projects that aim to evidence the student benefits of Knowledge Exchange (KE), to share good KE practice, and to improve future KE activities in Higher Education.

Knowledge Exchange is the process by which knowledge and expertise is transferred between a research base and its users to improve:

  • Economic competitiveness
  • Effectiveness of public services and policy
  • Quality of life

The Bristol Model programme consists of six co-produced research projects designed in collaboration with external partner organisations. The projects enable undergraduate students to gain experience of Social Sciences research as ‘Research Assistants’. Participating students work with leading academics, bridging the gap between teaching, learning and research. 

If you are a student and would like to find out more, visit our Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities page.

There is a seventh, overarching project that evaluates the effectiveness of the Bristol Model on KE. This evaluative project analyses and evidences the direct benefits of KE activity on students, recent graduates and external partner organisations, with a strong focus on reducing barriers to entry for students from widening participation backgrounds.

The Bristol Model is a response to a funding competition by the Office for Students and Research England.

Introducing the projects

Creating a better understanding of youth and organisational resilience to improve efficacy of council interventions

PI: Dr Jo Staines
Research Associate: Dr Jack Nicholls 
Partner organisation: Bristol City Council

Using data to better understand interactions in local communities and social enterprises

PI: Professor Morag McDermont
Research Associate: Dr Jack Nicholls 
Partner organisation: Wellspring Settlement

Creating a road map towards race equality through the Research Action Coalition for Race Equality (RACE)

PI: Dr Saffron Karlsen 
Research Associate: Angelique Retief 
Partner organisation: Black South West Network

Co-creating a digital readiness assessment tool for businesses in the West of England

PI: Dr Katharina Burger
Research Associate: Jess Brown
Partner organisation: West of England Combined Authority

VCSE sector’s performance/contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic

PI: Professor Martin Parker
Research Associate: Dr John McGoldrick
Partner organisation: Voscur

Worker Anticipation of Future Risks in Bristol

PI: Dr Harry Pitts
Research Associate: 
Partner organisation: Institute for the Future of Work

Evaluative project - The Bristol Model: putting students at the heart of social science knowledge exchange

Project leads: Pat Triggs and Wan Ching Yee

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If you're a student and want to find out more, visit our Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities page.

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