These contact lists provide details of those members of the faculty support team working in each of the key support processes (ie, those working in the faculty centre all or some of the time). They also provide details of staff working in faculty-specific roles. Contact details of staff not included within these lists can be accessed via the links provided, the University's contact directory or on divisional websites.

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Faculty support team


Faculty officers

Faculty officers contact details
The Dean Professor Simon Tormey



Senior Executive Assistant Catriona Wilgoss
Administrative Assistant Antonia Hoxha


Faculty Education Director, Postgraduate (Taught) Dr Humphrey Bourne 88407
Faculty PGR Director, Postgraduate (Research) Professor Jutta Weldes

Faculty Education Director, Undergraduate Dr Rachel Lart 46706
Faculty Research Director Professor Deborah Wilson 87505
Faculty International Director Professor Agnes Nairn 17407
Faculty Manager Dominic Freda 10703
Faculty Education Manager Katie Allan 10828
Faculty Professional Liaison Manager John McWilliams 10769
Faculty Recruitment and Admissions Officer (Law) Judy Laing

Faculty Recruitment and Admissions Officer (EFiM) Annika Johnson  
Faculty Recruitment and Admissions Officer (SPAIS, SPS, SoE) Lee Marshall 87504
Widening Participation and Undergraduate Recruitment Officer     41404
Faculty Engagement Officer Helen Doyle 07970 383 445
Widening Participation Coordinator Lisa Lucas

For contact details of school-based staff, please see the school website. A list of academic schools and research centres by faculty is available here.

Faculty officer roles

The Dean

The Dean is the highest academic authority in the Faculty and oversees the Faculty budget, and research and education planning. The Dean is responsible for ensuring that the Faculty is: dedicated to academic achievement across a broad range of disciplines, and to continuous innovation and improvement; research-intensive, supporting both individual scholarship and interdisciplinary or thematic research of the highest quality; a centre for intellectually demanding, research-informed education that nurtures independence of mind and helps students achieve their personal goals and serve society's needs, both during and after their time here; an inclusive and collaborative community of scholarship that attracts and retains people with outstanding talent and potential from all walks of life and all parts of the world; a stimulating and supportive environment for all students and staff, distinguished by a commitment to high standards, respect for the individual and a strong sense of collegiality; committed to operating in a sustainable manner; engaged with society's interests, concerns, priorities and aspirations; a major contributor culturally, environmentally and economically to Bristol and the South West; well led and responsibly run, with an emphasis on consultative decision-making and open communication as well as personal responsibility and accountability.

The Dean chairs and represents the Faculty on all high-level University committees, such as University Planning and Resources Committee, Senate and Council.

Education Director and PGR Director / Graduate Dean

The Education Director and PGR Director work with the Dean and with other Faculty Officers to deliver the University's Postgraduate Education Strategy.

The Graduate Dean is responsible for all postgraduate matters in the Faculty, such as overseeing final examination results, approving suspensions and extensions and advising the Dean on graduate strategy. The Graduate Dean is available for students to see if they are experiencing problems that they cannot talk about to anybody in their department.

Education Director / Undergraduate Dean

The Education Directors work with the Dean and with other Faculty Officers to deliver the University's Education Strategy.

The Undergraduate Dean is responsible for overseeing all undergraduate matters in the Faculty, such as monitoring student progress and advising the Dean on undergraduate strategy. The Undergraduate Dean chairs the Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee (Undergraduate) and the Faculty Progress Committee and represents the Faculty at relevant University Committees. The Undergraduate Dean is available for students to see if they are experiencing problems that they cannot talk about to anybody in their department by contacting

Faculty Research Director

The Research Director advises the Dean on research strategy in the Faculty, aiming to create a positive research environment and infrastructure which will attract and retain the highest quality researchers and postgraduate students worldwide. The Research Director is responsible for overseeing the development of our portfolio of flagship and high-impact research, working across and between disciplines to answer important societal questions and contribute to the social, political, environmental and economic well being of the region, the UK and the wider world.

The Research Director also fosters strategic relationships and alliances with key national and international partners in business and industry, the public and third sectors, user communities, sponsors of research and policy-makers.

Faculty International Director

The International Director works with the Dean and the Research and Education Faculty Directors to facilitate the University’s International Strategy.

The primary role of the International Director is to provide the Faculty’s perspective on international issues, synthesised from existing best practice and activities ongoing between the Faculty’s Research and Education portfolios.  The International Director is primarily responsible for contributing to the development of the Faculty and University’s International Strategy, presenting the Faculty’s perspective on internationalisation, sharing best practice across Schools in the Faculty, and liaising with the University International Committee and Faculty Board.

Faculty Manager

As a member of the Faculty senior management team, the Faculty Manager is responsible for ensuring effective operations support for the delivery of the Faculty academic vision and strategy, with particular responsibility for project initiation and delivery. The Faculty Manager oversees Faculty-level administrative and operational processes.

Faculty Education Manager

The Faculty Education Manager is responsible for managing the faculty office and its student administration processes.


Finance Services

Finance services contact details
Finance Director Tim Rose 07747 861 854 Ground Floor, 2 Priory Road, Bristol BS8 1TX
Head of Finance Business Partnering Euan Hendrie 10522
Assistant Finance Business Partner (SPOL, SPAIS, LAWD)  Ella Davies 10801
Finance Business Partner    
Deputy Finance Business Partner Clare Bayly 46747
Assistant Finance Business Partner (EFIM, EDUC) Clare Marsh 46746
Assistant Accountant (SPOL)

Cath Pullinger

Assistant Accountant (SPAIS, LAWD, SWDTC)

Androula Freke 10833
Assistant Accountant (EDUC, EFIM)

Naomi Hedges 10832
Administrative Assistant      

Details of Finance Services contacts are also available on the Finance Services website.


Human Resources (HR)

HR contact details
HR Manager Mel Wise 10821 Second Floor, 2 Priory Road, Bristol BS8 1TX
Deputy HR Manager Emma Doherty

Senior HR Officer Caroline Veale

HR Officer      
HR Officer  

HR Adviser Rhian Beattie

For queries relating to recruitment email:

For all other HR queries, email:

40691 Third Floor, Augustine's Courtyard, Orchard Lane
Bristol, BS1 5DS
HR Administrator Hanna Fenwick

As above

HR Administrator Kateline Sparks As above 40750
HR Administrator Sarah Harvey As above 40723

Details of HR contacts are also available on the HR website.

Please contact any member of the HR team with your enquiry.


Education and students

Education and students contact details
Faculty Education Manager Katie Allan 10828 First Floor 2 Priory Road, BS8 1TX
Education Administration Manager  Kellie Peakman 10677
Fiona Tonagh 10759
Faculty Timetabling & Education Officer 83058
Senior Education Administrator (Undergraduate) Bradley Shadwell 10758
Education Administrator (Undergraduate) Jessica Hafner 10804
Senior Education Administrator (Postgraduate Taught) Laura Jenks 10749
Education Administrator (Postgraduate Taught) Alex Barlow 10518
Senior Education Administrator (Postgraduate Research) Dr James Camp 10688
Student Administration Manager (School of Economics, Finance and Management - EFiM)        
Student Administration Manager (School of Law) Selena Power 45311 Wills Memorial Building
Student Administration Manager (SPAIS) David Brown 17590 4 Priory Road
Student Administration Manager (School of Policy Studies) Joe McAllister 46741 Social Sciences Complex, 8 Woodland Road
School Graduate Manager (School of Education) Caroline Falzon 14344 35 Berkeley Square
PGCE Administration Manager  (School of Education) Emma Dowman 14103
Graduate Administration Manager (SPAIS) 17574 11 Priory Road
Graduate Administration Manager (LAW) Dr Nasim Tadghighi 45321 Wills Memorial Building
Graduate Administration Manager (EFiM)        
International Recruitment Officer Stephanie Wood 40190 31 Great George St, Bristol BS1 5QD
  • For postgraduate administration queries, please contact the relevant Student Administration manager in the first instance.
  • For advice and enquiries about postgraduate admissions policy and postgraduate recruitment, and support for Hobsons postgraduate admissions system, please contact the central Postgraduate Admissions and Recruitment team.
  • For international advice & support and study & work abroad queries please visit the International Office website.
  • For information and advice on timetabling please email or visit the Timetabling Office website.
  • If you are unsure who to contact, please contact the Faculty Education Manager.


Research and Enterprise

Research and Enterprise contact details
Research Development Manager Jude Hill 84032
1 Cathedral Square
Research Development Manager Lucy Parnall 84063
Research Development Associate Samuel Lambshead 84044
Contracts Manager TBC      
Head of Research Commercialisation Jaci Barnett 84005 1 Cathedral Square
Knowledge Exchange Development Associate  Eloise Meller 84212 1 Cathedral Square

Details of Research and Enterprise contacts are also available on the RED website.


Public Relations

Public relations contact details
Digital Manager Laura McCormick 40169 31 Great George St, Bristol BS1 5QD
Media Relations Manager Philippa Walker 40153

Details of the press, communications and web teams are also available on the University's Public Relations Office website.

For contact details for the Public and Ceremonial Events Office (eg, queries about graduation) please visit the PACE website.


Estates - Facilities Management

Estates contact details
RoleContact for those working in the following buildingsNameEmailExtensionLocation
Facilities Manager

5, 17 & 19; 30-32 & 34 Tyndall’s Park Road

Priory Road/Priory Road Lecture Theatre
Darren Buss (0778) 541 6707

Estates Office, 1-9 Old Park Hill, BS2 8BB

Facilities Coordinator

35 Berkeley Square

Wills Memorial Building 
(& Law Offices)
Elliot Riddle (0777) 3037 840


Further information about the Facilities Managers is available on the Estates website along with information about the other teams within the Estates Office.

To report any building-related fault, please contact the Maintenance Help Desk.  In the case of a major fault, please report it first to Ext 89898 and then advise the Facilities Manager for your zone, whose contact details can be found here.

If you have a more general building-related issue you should contact your Facilities Manager directly. Please contact them by email for non-urgent matters.

General enquiries can be sent to or telephone FM Support on Ext 18471.



IT Services

For all service enquiries, requests and fault reports please contact the IT Service Desk via or 87870 or the self-service Service Desk website.

IT contact details
Zone A Team Leader (SPS, EFIM, SPAIS)      
Zone D Team Leader (Law, GSoE) Bob Berrow 41472

Details of the IT zones are available on the IT Services website.

Information for staff about computing is also available on the IT Services website.

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