Human dimensions of emerging pandemics

Wednesday 5 November
Event details Human dimensions of emerging pandemics
Organiser name Dr Mhairi Gibson, Christiaan Oostdijk
School Department of Archaeology and Anthropology; University of Bristol
Date 05/11/2014

Dr Mhairi Gibson, University of Bristol

Christiaan Oostdijk, University of Bristol

Type of event Schools' workshop
Booking link School groups only. Contact for more information.

This interactive workshop is a fantastic opportunity for students to find out how anthropology can help tackle current global health issues such as HIV, flu and Ebola. This event will introduce the concept of zoonotic diseases – those transmitted between animals and humans – and invite participants to explore and identify the underlying social drivers. An exciting part of the workshop will be the chance to find out about a current research project in Uganda. With this as a case study, students will be encouraged to use role play to find out about the social and economic interests and power relations that influence the exposure of people to zoonoses. We will look at disease from the perspective of an anthropologist and learn about the causes of these types of infections.

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