Undergraduate Mentoring

Be inspired and guided by professionals

Applications for 2022/23 Undergraduate Mentoring Scheme are now closed. 

Key facts

  • Blended approach - face to face where feasible, or online
  • International and UK based mentors available
  • Admittance onto the scheme is competitive. Your application will be assessed for suitability. 

How mentoring can benefit you

Our mentors have studied your degree and are using it in their job. This means they have been where you are now and can offer invaluable support and advice.

Mentors can offer new perspectives on possible career options and help you to consider your studies in the context of the wider world.

We recruit mentors from across the globe so, whether you are a home or international student, you will have the opportunity to gain specialist UK or international job market insight.

What’s involved?

Watch this mentoring information video to find out more about the scheme.

The 2022/23 scheme will have a blended approach between in-person (where feasible) and online meetings. See our Remote Working Guidance for Mentoring (PDF, 153kB) for information and tips on working remotely.

We will connect you with a mentor and around four other students based on your career aspirations and interests. We arrange the first meeting and then your group will arrange one further meeting. During these meetings you will have the opportunity to ask your mentor questions and learn from their experiences and insights. 

Your mentor may also provide you with a mentoring challenge. This is a small piece of work or research which is designed to help focus the content of your meetings, further develop your skills, and give you an experience that you can evidence when applying for future jobs. Mentors may suggest holding an additional meeting to accommodate this. 

We also ask you to complete a short reflective report on your experience.

Get in touch

Laura Wright, Professional Liaison Administrator


I have been incredibly pleased with how the Professional Liaison Network have approached the pairing process with the mentors – they were very understanding and flexible. There were many options to choose from and they did a thorough job matching us with mentors from all sorts of backgrounds.

Ali Strokova (bsc education studies)

Taking part in the Mentoring Scheme really helped me because I realised that there were so many options available to me when going into Accounting. Initially, I thought my degree was relatively narrow, whereas now I recognise the countless possibilities. The Mentoring Scheme allowed me to gain a practical understanding of the workplace and helped develop my communication skills and my mentor frequently gave me advice on how to stand out to employers.

Emma Thomas (Bsc Accounting and Management)
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