Q-Step Internships

Gain the quantitative research skills employers are looking for.

How a Q-Step Internship could benefit you

Through a paid, PLN-sourced Q-Step Internship, you can use real-world data in the workplace to develop your quantitative research skills including, data collection, analysis and reporting.

What’s involved?

The internships are 140 hours and can be undertaken part-time during term time and full-time during your vacation time. As of 1 October 2019, you will be paid at least the Real Living Wage (£9.30 /hour).

You apply for an internship in the same way as any job and will be required to attend an interview.

You can also apply for funding from the PLN if have sourced your own internship which fits the Q-Step criteria. Please get in touch with us if you have an idea for an internship.


Q-Step Internships are open to all undergraduate students in the following schools within the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, as well as students in the School of Geographical Sciences

  • Education
  • Policy Studies
  • Sociology, Politics and International Studies

You can only complete one Q-Step internship during your degree course, but you can apply for multiple opportunities. 

If you're studying a joint honours programme, including an EFM element (e.g. Economics and Politics), you are not eligible to apply for a Q-Step Internship. You can, however, apply for an EFM Internship.

Internships are advertised through mycareer and on our website.

Q-Step Internships will run until 31 September 2021.

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Nora Pau


0117 33 10736

This internship has been highly beneficial for me. I have been able to put into practice my previously learnt quantitative research skills as well as enhancing my skills in the use of excel. The opportunity to understand how my degree can be put into practice in a professional sphere has been very rewarding and the staff at Centrepoint have been very helpful and welcoming to me throughout my time here

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