Tony Minns

“I was privileged to be lodged in The Holmes annexe to Churchill Hall which is a beautiful house with magnificent gardens. I was taught croquet by the Warden of Churchill Hall and squash by my friends, both of which have been enduring pleasures. I was also fortunate in that when I arrived at Bristol the Union Building was brand new. I joined the Debating Society, the Wine Club and a political party. All three trained me and I have used the lessons learned throughout my personal and professional life. The Bristol experience was a fantastic bridge between youth and manhood.

“Leadership is about having a vision and then communicating it to others sufficiently well that they want to join you on the journey. There was such camaraderie at Bristol that you learned that mutuality of respect that enables you to become a leader. Everyone around you was highly intelligent and therefore unlikely to be bullied or fooled into accepting an ill-considered course of action. If you had an idea, it had to be well developed and considered before it could gain acceptance amongst your peer group. No bad thing for future leadership.

“Bristol is one of the UK’s leading universities. It has been said to me on a number of occasions during my career in the City of London that what sets Bristol graduates apart from other top grade university graduates is that they are much more relaxed and approachable. I think that is true. We have the confidence that we have been trained well - but we don’t feel that we have to impose that upon others.”

Tony Minns

BSc Hons Law, 1968

Position: Director, Cathedral Capital, Lloyds insurance syndicate

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