Simon Cook

“My degree in Economics and Politics taught me how to express myself clearly and concisely - particularly in writing. We had interesting subjects and good debates and I learnt to challenge norms. My church also played a big part in forming me. I attended Christ Church, Clifton, which provided great support and laid firm foundations for how to live life which have been invaluable since.

“I had a busy time at Bristol! I was in the Pantomime Society and Opera Society, greatly enjoying acting (in minor roles) and the buzz of performance. Working life has its share of drama too, so my acting at Bristol was useful and fun. I was also involved in student community action - leading a small group, the ‘Entertainers’, which went to care homes, prisons, schools etc to sing and juggle. It was a great experience to get out of the student bubble and reach out to society.

“The University Royal Naval Unit, where I was senior Midshipman, gave me three years of fantastic experiences at sea and grew my confidence as a leader further. I’ve since gone on to a career in the Royal Naval Reserve where I am now a Lieutenant Commander, recently serving in the Arabian Gulf.

“Bristol’s particular strengths were the very broad range of extracurricular activities which helped me become a rounded person - my fellow students and I took full advantage of them. I think that Bristol graduates have a ‘living life to the full’ attitude were we make the most of what’s on offer and see education as much more than simply academic learning.

“University was an incredible experience - and I really made the most of my time there.”

Simon Cook

BSc Hons Economics and Politics, 1994

Position: Director of Strategy, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (from July 2012)

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