Robert Dufton

“The University of Bristol helped me to develop a range of skills - including analytical thinking, research and communication skills, both written and oral. It was where I also learnt to organise myself and understand how to work with others in groups.

“I believe that good leaders need to be able to identify ambitious, achievable, but above-all compelling goals, as well as to see issues from other people’s perspectives - and be able to listen to them. Determination and confidence are also critical.

“Looking back, I observed and gained much of this experience outside the lecture halls and seminar rooms - by taking part in additional activities such as running the mooting programme. Helping to run societies gave me experience of team work, and of leadership.

“Making new friends from a diverse range of people from different backgrounds and cultures was an important experience that’s essential for any type of work.

“So what sets a Bristol graduate apart? A well-rounded mind - equally strong across different types of thinking.”

Robert Dufton

LLB Hons Law, 1983

Position: Director, Paul Hamlyn Foundation

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