Miles Japhet

“As a foreign student, the University of Bristol provided me with the opportunity to meet a wide range of people not only from the UK, but from many other countries. The academic input was of a very high standard and the tutorial system allowed for a more focused approach to subjects. There was a high degree of self-motivation required in order to pass - as the system at the time did not shepherd one through the learning process. All of these factors made for a broader understanding of people and their cultures and the need for a disciplined approach to work.

“To be an effective leader you need to be able to look at a business objectively and to assess both opportunities and problems - and then act on them. You also need to engage with and motivate a wide range of people of varying age, socio-economic and emotional make ups. Bristol afforded me the opportunity to hone all of these skills, surrounded by a broad range of students and benefiting from high quality, relevant course content and delivery.

“The other great feature of life at Bristol was the great array of extra mural activities, participation in which greatly enriches ones experience of student life. I can only encourage any new students to get involved so as to have the opportunity to make new friends, develop talents in different directions and in so doing enrich your experience at Bristol.

“Clearly, the high academic entrance requirements meant that a Bristol student was, by definition, a high achiever from an academic perspective. Although the University might not be the only one delivering high standards to a student cohort of this profile, it certainly provided an environment for those with the drive to learn to succeed.”

Miles Japhet

BSc Hons Economics and Politics, 1977

Position: Chairman, Lombard Insurance Company

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