Julian Strong

“Attending the University of Bristol was a life changing experience that I will never forget. The combination of a world-class university and a fantastic city made for a superb time as an undergraduate.

“There were some things that had particular impact. Like being Secretary of the International Affairs Society, being able to choose a broad range of options for in-depth academic enquiry, and the combination of courses that dealt with both theoretical issues, as well as country case studies. It was an opportunity to network with other like-minded students which, in turn, helped me develop a professional network in my career. I gained greater understanding of myself - and what I wanted to go on to achieve.

“For me, leadership is about having vision, a sense of direction and the capacity to inspire and move people. Bristol is all about developing that vision and direction, and being encouraged to think and to explore new ideas. It gave me the solid platform I needed to develop professionally.

“Studying at Bristol is not just an education, it’s an experience. The University is about making young people into well-rounded individuals - and giving them the inspiration they need to be more than they were when they first arrived.”

Julian Strong

BSc Hons Politics, 2005

Position: Manager of the Leader's Office, London Borough of Havering

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