Daniel James

“The University of Bristol has played a big role in making me the person I am today. An excellent social sciences faculty, the breadth of the curriculum and quality of the student body stretched me academically - while helping me to develop analytical, problem-solving skills I've continued to apply directly in the workplace. A wide choice of extra-curricular activities helped ‘round me out’ as an individual and cement friendships that have lasted to this day.

“Having the ability to inspire people to follow you and share your vision, while trusting in your ability to execute, are fundamental for leaders in business or otherwise. Again Bristol offered so much - the multitude of student societies, such as DramSoc and the sports clubs, providing ample opportunities to hone these skills in a risk-free environment.

“The calibre of the teaching body really stood out in my mind. A significant number of the social science faculty were engaged in groundbreaking research and at the forefront of their profession. It was exciting to be taught by people shaping the latest economic and political discourse, lending real world application to the high level theory being impressed upon us.

“Bristol might be academically excellent but it’s also down to earth. Having the opportunity to live ‘on campus’ cemented a sense of belonging, while having the faculty located in heart of Bristol meant we never lost touch with the city and all it has to offer. The heterogeneity of the student body and the high standards of the social sciences faculty produced well-rounded individuals capable of succeeding not just professionally - but in other aspects of life too.”

Daniel James

BSc Hons Economics and Politics, 2001

Position: Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group, USA

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