Andrew Moore

“Studying at Bristol - and having access to such a wonderful library - widened the scope of my thinking. For example, we had some great lectures and seminars on comparative economic history 1750-1950 - bringing out key themes across industries and countries.

“It was also a time for building contacts and gaining the confidence to really forge ahead and achieve. There were lots of good examples out there of how graduates ‘got on’ and made a difference. So it made me feel that I wanted to ‘get onto the pitch’ and contribute, rather than just be a bystander. I’m very driven, I always have been, and part of that comes from the atmosphere of achievement and success created in Bristol and never settling for second best.

“To be a good leader I think you need insatiable curiosity and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning. You also need a commitment to test knowledge, dogged persistence and a desire to learn from your errors. Bristol has enabled me to develop business rigour based on experience, a relentless drive and determination, and taught me how to make tough decisions and see them through. As a Bristol student, I also gained hugely from being a keen sportsman and played soccer for three years for the University team, winning full colours. I was always determined to play for the team - and win!

“Above all, by giving me confidence, clarity of purpose and a commitment to achieve, Bristol put me firmly on the pathway to a satisfying career.”

Andrew Moore

BSc Hons Economics and Economic History, 1986

Position: Director of Strategy, Finance Manager Global Lubricants, BP

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