The Eileen Drummond and Sheila Anderson Fund (EDSA)

The University of Bristol is pleased to announce the EDSA Award.

Sheila Anderson graduated from Bristol in 1956, and went on to pursue a career in law, working both as a barrister and in-house lawyer throughout her life.

Sheila was lucky enough to have been awarded a state scholarship from the government, which paid for her fees and living expenses at university. Sheila was keen to give something back to today’s students and established a generous fund, through a gift in her Will, to support students in the School of Law. 'I much enjoyed my time there. I wish to give others, who may otherwise be unable to afford it, the opportunity to study law at the University.'

Sheila was keen that this fund acknowledged her family name, hence the inclusion of her mother’s name ‘Eileen Drummond’.  The award is to be known as the EDSA Award.