Sustainability leads the drive to reduce the overall environmental impact of the University, by delivering the objectives of the University's Sustainability policy.

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Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm
Outside these hours, please either e-mail or leave a voicemail message, and someone will respond to your query.

Services we provide

We provide a range of environmental services and advice for Departments across the University on energy, water and waste management, sustainable transport, construction and training.  Co-ordination of these activities through our Environmental Management System provides a framework for continual improvement that is robust and externally verified. 

The following outlines the types of service we offer, further information is available on the Sustainability website.

Energy and water management

These are managed by overseeing the implementation of the University's Carbon Management Plan, a programme to reduce emissions by 35% on 2005/06 levels by 2020.   It offers opportunities to conserve resources by reviewing working practices as well as raising staff and student awareness on how to save energy and water.

Waste management

Throughout the University, waste is managed using refuse, recycling and composting collections.  Other examples include the Re-store reuse website, paper, plastics, cans, glass, IT and waste food collections.  Any clinical or hazardous waste is managed in accordance with legislation.  Communication and accredited training is available to all staff and students to promote reuse, recycling and composting.

Within our role, waste and recycling data is audited and monitored to increase rates of diversion from landfill, as well as making strategic plans for waste; including how we deal with construction waste and using sustainable procurement methods through the Estates Procurement Team.

Bill payment

Over 200 utility bills are checked each month and incorrect charges by supply companies rectified. Energy markets are tracked to ensure the University pays the lowest prices possible.  VAT payments are reviewed to identify where lower rates can be applied, to reduce the University's costs.


Sustainability manages staff and student needs relating to their journeys to/from the University in order to control the staff and student travel plans.  Liaison with the City Council and the various transport operators takes place to improve both their access onto the University's estate and improvement to public transport services.  This includes provision of motorcycle and bicycle facilities, managing the University U6 bus service, joint management of the Hospital and University Bus Shuttle (HUBS) service, as well as providing advice and information on available travel options.

Other Environmental Actions

We maintain an Environmental Legislation Register, implement actions and set procedures  to assist Departments with compliance, ensure future building developments achieve high level BREEAM standards and assist External Estates in implementing the Biodiversity Policy.   We work closely with the Estates Procurement Team, to assist with sustainable purchasing actions as well as co-ordinating the Business in the Community CSR Index. We also manage the Green Impact Awards.

Supporting Academic Endeavour

We work with academic Departments , give seminars and presentations in support of their teaching needs around 'the environment'; this includes the Sustainable Development Open Unit.  We support students with projects and dissertations on environmental issues and we also run a range of Sustainability Skills courses for students (eg how to carry out waste and carbon audits).

What you can do

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About the team

Our team of professionally qualified individuals have many years experience and expertise in providing a full range of information, advice and courses on Sustainability matters, to both staff and students in a higher education setting.