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Women in Engineering and Technology Compact

Industrial Engagement

  • Increase the number of high profile female Engineering and Technology alumnae who deliver our ‘Inside Track’ lectures and seminars from 23 percent (over the last two years) to 30 percent this year.
  • Include specific clauses agreeing to promote women in engineering into our enterprise partnerships.
  • Agreements with Airbus and Toshiba are already in place to work together to increase female representation.
  • Fund 50 percent of an academic post with an industry partner to promote women in Engineering and Technology
  • Increase the number of female mentors on the industrial mentoring programme.

Admissions and Widening Participation

  • Increase visibility of female engineers at our Open Days encourage more female Engineering and Technology students to participate in ‘Back to School’ projects to engage Year 9-12 pupils. Around a third of the cohort of volunteers so far is female.
  • Increase our 30 percent female attendance target to 40 percent at our annual Headstart Summer School in MTEC subjects.
  • Support a Smallpeice Trust STEM Summer School in July which is targeted at Year 9 girls in particular, offering a number of hands on sessions and lectures.
  • Launch a new MSc Programme in Biomedical Engineering in September 2014 and develop curriculum in areas known to attract more female applicants.
  • Launch a wearable tech workshop targeting female Year 8 students as part of the 'Creative Technologies' Digimakers session in September 2014.

Student body

  • Introduce a group working policy in Engineering subjects to include at least two female students in each undergraduate tutorial group where possible.
  • Sponsor five female students to attend the annual WES Student Conference ‘Engineering Inspiration’.
  • Organise the ‘Sprint programme’, a four day personal development programme for female students taking place in June 2014
  • Run a ‘Women in Engineering’ panel event to offer students an opportunity to hear directly from female engineers working in academia and industry.


  • Review recruitment levels of female academic staff, actively seek to recruit women amending wording on adverts and job descriptions.
  • Include a female member of academic staff on the Promotions panel at all stages and actively ensure that periods of maternity leave and flexible working patterns are given some weighting in the process.
  • Appoint a staff female ambassador to lead efforts to increase female representation in MTEC subjects.
  • Take on two new apprentice technicians for our labs and workshops from September 2014 and actively target female applicants.
  • Aspire to reach 30 percent women staff in STEM subjects by 2030.
  • The Merchant Venturers’ School of Engineering (Departments of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Engineering Mathematics) and the Queen’s School of Engineering (Departments of Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Engineering) are working towards a November 2014 submission for a Bronze Athena SWAN award.
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