Bristol Is Open

Bristol Is Open is a joint venture between the University of Bristol and Bristol City Council. The project launched in April 2015 and will provide Bristol City with a fully flexible, programmable and open ICT experimental platform.

At the infrastructure level, Bristol Is Open combines multiple experimental facilities and capabilities including; network connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) hosting, cloud computing resources and a visualisation facility (The Data Dome). Academics from the University’s Smart Internet Lab have contributed to the design and development of the platform. This includes the City Operating System (CityOS), which powers the network, which was developed by Professor Dimitra Simeonidou and colleagues with the High Performance Networks research group. The CityOS enables Bristol Is Open to offer City Experimentation as a Service (CEaaS), with open, flexible and programmable functionalities. The platform allows for a user-defined physical experimental environment, without disrupting the existing city ecosystem. The deployment of technologies across the city will result in the generation of data, which will indirectly engage additional set of users.

Bristol Is Open will provide a unique opportunity to both academics and students to conduct experimentation at a city scale. It will act as a demonstrator for technologies developed by the University of Bristol, to further strengthen communication and network research. The research infrastructure will also support innovative collaborative research, building on the University's strength across interdisciplinary areas such as health, transport and energy. 

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