Versatile Programmable Optical Network Testbed

Layered Realities Weekend - A 5G Showcase

Over the weekend of 17th - 18th March 2018, the University of Bristol's Smart Internet Lab hosted the world's first 5G public showcase in Millennium Square, Bristol. Demonstrations, talks and artistic experimentation combined in an exciting blend of technology and expression. This event was run in conjunction with Watershed & We The Curious.

Photo Credit: Kaleider's - 'From The Light Of Fire, Our Dancing Shadows'

Elastic Optical Network Testbed

An Elastic Optical Network (EON) testbed is maintained in our lab with network function programmability (NFP). The nodes are synthesized with programmable optical nodes utilising reconfigurable Bandwidth-Variable Wavelength Selective Switches (BV-WSS). The EON testbed provides a versatile network environment to verify new concepts and ideas. The testbed provides several advanced network functions:

- Adaptable network topology


- Hardware-impairment detection and restoration (Optical network debugging)


Fixed-grid ROADM Testbed

A fixed-grid DWDM network testbed with commercial ROADM equipment provides practical network environments for both data plane and control plane investigation. The testbed consists of four optical nodes with 100GHz-spaced ROADMs (2x2-Degree and 1 4-Degree).


Quantum Testbed Network


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