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What challenges will the emergence of 6G and other new technologies create for governance?

10 June 2021

Smart internet Lab Director Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, in collaboration with Kings College London and the University of Cambridge, have released a position paper, discussing the evolution of 5G to 6G communication and the challenges this poses.

This position paper, written by Professor Mischa Dohler (Kings College London) and Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, examines the trends and patterns in telecoms, with a focus on governance. The paper addresses issues and challenges that will arise from the transition from 5G to 6G, and the roles that government and industry will play in this development.  

6G will have a profound impact on businesses and society, however, to unlock the opportunities it is clear that the governance issues must be understood. By identifying these issues, the authors make a series of recommendations which would ensure that this transition is successful. These recommendations include the need to establish a national and international government taskforce that will address the fragmented technology and ensure that future developments are inclusive.

Professor Mischa Dohler, Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London said: “With focus on governance, this position paper examines the mechanisms which needs to be put in place over the coming years to enable further growth and consolidation of future telecommunications technologies despite natural market commoditisation and recent international geo-political fragmentation.”

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, Professor at the University of Bristol, Director of Smart Internet Lab and the Co-Director of the Bristol Digital Futures Institute said: “6G will provide a phenomenal opportunity for addressing social, economic and sustainability challenges for a better future.  This paper highlights the important work that needs to be done, and provides recommendations vital for unlocking its success.”


From 5G to 6G Governance’ by Professor Mischa Dohler and Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, 2021

Further information

Mischa Dohler is full Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London, driving cross-disciplinary research and innovation in technology, sciences and arts. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET); and a Distinguished Member of Harvard Square Leaders Excellence. He is a serial entrepreneur with 5 companies; composer & pianist with 5 albums on Spotify/iTunes; and fluent in 6 languages. He acts as policy advisor on issues related to digital, skills and education. He has had ample coverage by national and international press and media. 

Dimitra Simeonidou is a Full Professor at the University of Bristol, the Co-Director of the Bristol Digital Futures Institute and the Director of Smart Internet Lab. Her research is focusing in the fields of high performance networks, programmable networks, wireless-optical convergence, 5G/B5G and smart city infrastructures. She is increasingly working with Social Sciences on topics of digital transformation for society and businesses. Dimitra has been the Technical Architect and the CTO of the smart city project Bristol Is Open. She is currently leading the Bristol City/Region 5G urban pilots.

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