Resilience is a key challenge for many areas of engineering and is critical for the well-being and prosperity of future generations. It means being able to anticipate, adapt and respond to both natural and man-made changes and to ensure our security, safety and sustainability for years to come.

Building resilience includes achieving energy security and efficiency; ensuring we have functioning and reliable infrastructures; developing better solutions to acute cyber, defence, financial, health and other threats; managing resources efficiently and sustainably; and mitigating against climate change.

Research in the Faculty of Engineering is addressing many of these challenges: cybersecurity; secure communication via quantum technologies; improving sustainability and resilience of our cities; enhancing the controllability and efficiency of systems through the development of ultra-high efficiency power electronics and technologies; creating home-based sensing of health related behaviours.

The following research groups are involved in this important field of work:

  • Electrical Energy Management
    We aim to make the journey from electrical generation to usage more effective. We demonstrate practical systems from microwatts to megawatts, with applications in health, vehicles, renewable energy and aerospace.
  • Cyber Security
    Our research focuses on three over-arching but interlinked strands: security of cyber-physical infrastructures, software security and human behaviours. 
  • Quantum Technologies
    We are reinventing computers, cryptography and precision measurements.
  • Smart Internet Lab
    We work across the boundaries of communications and digital living research.
  • Digital Health
    We apply computer science and electronic technologies to health and well-being challenges.

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