Research groups

What are research groups?

Bristol engages in a wide range of engineering research. Our distinctiveness is reflected in our ability to work across the breadth of disciplines and use our research to answer 'real world' questions. We have identified a core group of research groups that reflect the reality of doing research in a fast-moving environment. We have a vibrant and progressive research base, and will continue to review and articulate the breadth of our research to our peers and stakeholders, and identify those areas that we want to nurture.


Advanced Composites Centre for Innovation and Science (ACCIS)

The Advanced Composites and Intelligent Structures research theme is at the frontier of research and application of advanced composites materials and intelligent structures. Composites have outstanding mechanical properties and also offer exciting possibilities to create multi-functional adaptive structures.

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Applied Nonlinear Mathematics

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Detail of a circuit board

Communication Systems & Networks

The Communications research group encompasses departments across the University and focuses on the theory of communications systems and how they are applied to a wide range of technological and societal problems.

Dynamics and Control

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Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering

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Electrical Energy Management

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Engineering Systems and Design

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Fluid and Aerodynamics

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High Performance Networks Group

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Intelligent Systems

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Interaction and Graphics

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Fibre optic network


Research into electronic and photonic materials – the building blocks of devices that exploit light and/or electric charge – promises to deliver cheaper, faster devices for information and communication technologies, inexpensive sensors to revolutionise healthcare and new methods of harvesting renewable energy.

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Solid Mechanics

Solid Mechanics

Theory and Algorithms

The Theory and Algorithms group studies various aspects of the the theory of computation, the theory and practice of algorithms, as well as the principles of programming languages.

Applied Mechanics

Ultrasonics and NDT

Mandrill with image segmentation and synthesis

Visual Information Laboratory

Visual Information Laboratory brings together researchers from a wide range of academic disciplines, including electrical and electronic engineering, computer science, experimental psychology, biological and medical sciences, arts and drama, with external partners such as the Bristol Eye Hospital, the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and the Machine Vision Laboratory at the University of the West of England.

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Water and Environment