The Creative Industries make a significant contribution to the UK economy (£92bn in 2016) and are at the vanguard of technological developments which enhance how they connect with their users and audiences.

The sector is excellently positioned to further exploit the new wave of innovation that will facilitate engaging new formats, better understanding of visual content and the exploitation of more immersive technologies, all of which will ultimately create intense new experiences for audiences of the future.

Research in the Faculty of Engineering is making advances which will enhance the creative sectors in a number of important ways. Key achievements include: understanding audience-measuring immersion; delivering immersive experience; world-leading 5G network testbed; and virtual and augmented reality.

The following research groups are involved in this important field of work:

  • Bristol Vision Institute
    Our primary focus is on developing a better understanding of the visual mechanisms and processes evolved in humans and other animals, and on translating these to innovations in technology, medicine and the creative arts.
  • Visual Information Laboratory
    We create world leading technology in computer vision, image and video communications, content analysis and distributed sensor systems.
  • Smart Internet Lab
    We work across the boundaries of communications and digital living research.
  • Bristol Robotics Laboratory
    We are the largest robotics research facility in the UK, working in partnership with the University of the West of England.

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