The undergraduate programmes of the Faculty of Engineering provide a technically excellent professional education.

Teaching undergraduates is a central activity for the Faculty and is indivisible from our research.  Nearly all of our teaching staff are research-active and directly communicate their expertise to students.  Research projects are a major component of all our degrees.  The importance that we attach to teaching is reflected in the National Student Survey where nearly all our departments regularly have an overall satisfaction rate of over 90%.  All our degrees are accredited by the professional engineering institutions. 

Most of our undergraduate education is clearly rooted in a particular discipline, enabling a student’s education to be coherent and deep. With this secure grounding, it is also important to give students the flexibility to develop their interests and work within the context of other disciplines, and so a wide range of units are available that bridge several disciplines. 

For students wishing for broadly-based studies at the start of the course, there is an interdisciplinary Engineering Design degree. This give students maximum flexibility, allowing them to study a wide range of Engineering disciplines in Year 1, before selecting a specialist discipline linked to Aerospace, Mechanical or Civil Engineering in later years of the course. The degree has been developed in collaboration with a wide range of industrial partners and most students choose the five year degree, which includes a year in industry, although a shorter degree without the year in industry is available. Other interdisciplinary opportunities exist for the study of computer science with either electronics or mathematics. 

In addition, most undergraduate programmes offer a year of study at a University abroad.  This year is an integral part of the programme for which a similar syllabus must be followed as that given for the students in Bristol.  This can be at a University in continental Europe (for which, language training is given) or in an English-speaking country. 

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