João Ginete

"I took a fourth year module on power generation and the lecturer advised us that the energy business would always require engineers."

I started my current job only a couple of days after my last exam, so it took me a while to realise I was done with University. Initially I was mostly involved in the testing of our Formula One car in the Wind Tunnel, but after a few months I started to take part in the design of the external shape of the car to improve its aerodynamic behaviour, which in turn helps our drivers go around corners faster than the competition!

The course prepared me well for getting a job. I was particularly impressed to see how students were encouraged to take initiative and ultimately rewarded for doing their own thing, rather than sticking to a “recipe” written by someone else. This is the most effective way to foster innovation, which in engineering tends to be the difference between “just being there” and excelling at a job. I got to work with very bright specialists in aerodynamics, whose knowledge and willingness to help me with my Final Year Project ensured I got the job I wanted.

To this day, Bristol continues to be one of my favourite places in the world – it has everything you could ever need as a student without overwhelming an 18-year old fresher living on his own in a foreign country. Although I enjoy living in London, I still feel the need to go back to Bristol every now and then to get away from all the chaos!

And then every other Sunday I enjoy the best part of working in F1 – turning on the TV and watching a race car I worked on overtake one that I didn’t.

João Ginete, MEng with Year Abroad, 2011, Aerospace Engineering, Senior Assistant Engineer (energy business), Atkins

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