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Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Innovative research presented at world leading technology event

11 March 2014

Venue: CeBIT 2014, Germany. Speakers: Professor Mark Beach, Dr Kevin Morris and Dr Robert Piechocki, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

UKESF/EDF Go4SET Celebration and Assessment Day

5 April 2013

University of Bristol Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering hosted the finals of the Go4SET project, launched by the UK Electronic Skills Foundation (UKESF) and the Engineering Development Trust (EDT).

Bristol hosts finals of new electronics and science challenge for 12-14 year olds

18 March 2013

The University of Bristol hosted the finals of a pilot for an initiative to raise awareness of the electronics industry among local school students aged 12-14.

ARM Challenge

31 January 2013

Some of the most innovative ideas are born when a group of engineers get together to face a challenge. To enhance this concept, the University of Bristol hosted the ARM on-Campus Engineering Challenge on Saturday December 8th 2012.

NI and selected academics discuss future RF & Communications strategy

11 December 2012

Since 1976, National Instruments (NI) has equipped engineers with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery. This year NI selected Bristol as the venue for its RF & Communications Round Table.

Engineering academic elected a Fellow of the IEEE

4 December 2012

A University of Bristol academic has been elected a Fellow of the world’s largest and most prestigious professional association for the advancement of technology.

Smart Grids - Hope or Hype?

4 December 2012

The energy infrastructure in the UK is to undergo a major overhaul and become “smarter” at a very significant cost, intermediate capital investment until 2020 is estimated at between £21 and £35 billion.

International intern scholarships awarded

13 November 2012

Nine international students who have undertaken internships of outstanding significance to their academic study and career development have been awarded scholarships by Professor Nishan Canagarajah, Dean of Engineering.

Leading researcher in optical networking joins Bristol

8 November 2012

An internationally leading researcher in the field of optical networking has moved her High Performance Networks research group to the University of Bristol.

Optical vortices on a chip

8 November 2012

An international research group led by scientists from the University of Bristol and the Universities of Glasgow (UK) and Sun Yat-sen and Fudan in China, have demonstrated integrated arrays of emitters of so-called ‘optical vortex beams’ onto a silicon chip. The work is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Science magazine, published 19 October 2012.