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What do you love about being an engineer?

21 June 2018

In honour of International Women in Engineering Day we asked some of our staff and students what they love about being an Engineer

Zoe: First year Computer science with innovation

“I started out doing an Art foundation course, but I got into Engineering because it’s the most hands-on way to make the world a better place. It's such an exciting time to be a Computer Science Engineer because we’re constantly bumping up against the limits of technology, which shows us what it means to be uniquely human.”

 Dr Lucia Marucci - Senior Lecturer and PI in Systems and Synthetic Biology

"I mostly love the ability to design and control complex functions in living cells, and in real-time”

Alexandra: Quantum Engineer and PHD student

“Many of our most powerful computers are working on fundamentally hard problems, from simulations to develop more effective medicines to machine learning to give you better movie recommendations.

Being an engineer lets me use my love of mathematics to find ways of solving these and other challenging problems faster and more precisely.”

Dr Valeska Ting: Assoc. Prof in Smart Nanomaterials, School Research Director

“Being curious is part of my job! I love problem solving and figuring out, ‘How does that work?’ I especially like when it involves pulling something (be it a machine, process or an idea) apart in the interests of making it better. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from solving challenging problems.”

Dr Lucy Berthoud: Senior Teaching Fellow in Space Systems

I love being an engineer. In space engineering you can work on rockets, satellites or ground stations. I’ve worked on missions to Mars, Venus, the Sun, comets and asteroids as well as missions to look at pollution, weather and climate change. If you are an engineer, the world (and beyond) is your oyster!

Octavia: Second year Engineering Design

“When I was little I loved opening things up to see how they worked. My brother and I were always taking things apart. We’re both Engineers now!”

Michelle McDowell, MBE FREng

"I love the tangible results of a very creative process – buildings which emerge from sketches and models, if well designed, can transform lives. One of my most inspiring moments was to return to a school I had designed and for the head teacher to point out a student who formerly played truant but who now not only attended but stayed on after school to do homework."


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