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ACCIS CDT Imetrum DBT project prize

Prof. Kevin Potter, Imetrum Director, presenting Team Wilbur with their prize. From L-R: Imad Ouachan, Francescogiuseppe Morabito, Hernaldo Mendoza Nava, Eileen Atieno, Usman Sikander and Kevin Potter.

26 July 2018

Five ACCIS CDT PhD students (“Team Wilbur”) have been awarded the annual Imetrum prize for the best team performance in the ACCIS CDT Design Build and Test project.

The Design, Build and Test (DBT) project is undertaken by all PhD students in the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Composites for Innovation and Science (ACCIS CDT) and is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of the first year taught component.

Students work competitively in teams to design, manufacture and test a high performance composite structure, giving them valuable hands-on experience in materials testing, design checks, manufacturing development, inspection, structural testing and results interpretation.

As well as developing their experimental, project management, team-working and communication skills, the competing teams also get to film their progress throughout the project and eventually turn the footage into a short documentary video, which is published on the Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) YouTube Channel.

This year’s students, who were split into two teams, “Team Orville” and “Team Wilbur”, were tasked with producing a UAV box-spar demonstrator based on a single critical design case and created from a single, closed-section monolithic composite beam.

Based on the manufacturing quality, lighter weight, mould quality and failure load achieved, Team Wilbur’s beam ultimately came out on top during testing, leading the team of judges to declare Team Wilbur this year’s prize winners.

The prize, sponsored by Imetrum, comes with a £75 award, which the five team members – Eileen Atieno, Hernaldo Mendoza Nava, Francescogiuseppe Morabito, Imad Ouachan, Usman Sikander – are encouraged to use to for a well-deserved team celebration.

Imetrum, which is celebrating 15 years in business this year, is a world leader in the field of camera-based, non-contact precision measurement. Their measurement systems give precise, traceable data across most testing and monitoring requirements for materials; components; assemblies and in civil engineering.

Imetrum Director, Professor Kevin Potter, said: “Imetrum is delighted to be able to continue to support the ACCIS CDT and reward the excellent work done by Team Wilbur in this year’s Design, Build and Test project.”

Imad Ouachan, said: ‘’We'd like thank everyone who helped make this project successful within ACCIS. We are grateful for the recognition for all our hard work and are excited to use the skills we have learnt in our upcoming Extended Research Projects.’’

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