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Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) researcher awarded Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship

1 June 2018

Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) Research Associate Dr Bassam El Said has been awarded a prestigious four-year Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship focused in STEMM at the University of Bristol, to commence in November 2018.

Bassam’s research project “Hierarchical Multi-scale Modelling for Advanced Materials” aims to develop the next generation of multi-scale finite element solvers to address the challenges associated with the use and development of advanced materials. The complex internal architecture of these materials is the main driver behind their superior mechanical performance. The various interactions between material constituents, structural geometry, loads and damage dominate the material behaviour.

This project aims to build an integrated hierarchical multi-scale modelling framework that will allow prediction of mechanical performance and so aid material design and use of novel material systems in engineering applications. Bassam will develop an integrated mathematical framework that can form a nonlinear link between any two length scales. This framework can be applied recursively across the various length scales to connect and model as many scales as needed. This recursive construction will give the framework the ability to create seamless models working from the structure level to the nano-scale as and when required.

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