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Women In Engineering Outreach Event - Dr Francesca Pianosi

Dr Flavia De Luca with some of the GCSE students on the day. Anna Shepherd

Anna Shepherd

Anna Shepherd

3 April 2017

Helen Inman, a Civil Engineering undergraduate student, attended the event with fellow students and Dr Francesca Pianosi. Helen gives an outline of the event below.

Over 150 GCSE students attended the Women in Engineering workshop recently at Chippenham College where they were able to meet and talk with professionals from many different engineering industries and educational institutes.

The University of Bristol ran a Water filter workshop in conjunction with promoting its Engineers Without Borders and Women in Engineering societies.  The volunteers ran through games which highlighted how water shortage isn't limited to the third world and then went onto the design and building of basic sand and gravel water bottle filters.

As a volunteer I felt the day was a great opportunity to reach out to and inform prospective students about the university pathway and more specifically to explain what engineering really is in this context.  It would be brilliant if our involvement inspired more women into the engineering field where there still is a significant gender imbalance.

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