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Works in progress

27 April 2017

Work on the extension of the Queen's Building continues as new labs take shape. The extension is part of the Engineering Growth Project and is a £15 million investment into teaching and the student experience.

Take a look inside the new wing of the Queen's Building, where our new labs, student meeting rooms and flexible teaching spaces are taking shape ready for September. The extension is part of a £15 million investment into teaching and the student experience and includes facilities like a fully-modernised Non-Destructive Testing laboratory and Faraday cage.

a large unfinished room, with builders

The new Engineering Laboratory is going to be flexible and open-plan

building site with builders in hi-vis in the background

The new electrical laboratory will be bigger and fully modernised

an unfinished building interior

The new state-of-the-art engines and propulsion laboratory will combine traditional and green technologies.

a large unfinished concrete space

The basement is a large space that will support flexible teaching and active learning 

entrance to a building on woodland road

The new entrance on Woodland Road will make it easier to pop between the Queen's Building and Merchant Venturers Building - great for multidisclipinary working and cups of tea. 

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