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Civil Engineering's CivSoc Research Spotlight Event

Dr Flavia De Luca speaking at the CivSoc Research Spotlight event.

27 February 2017

In February CivSoc, the University of Bristol's Civil Engineering Society, organised a Research Spotlight event where four members of staff gave a short talk on their research area.

Dr Flavia De Luca started proceedings by talking about her recent trip to Italy and discussing her development of a damage assessment tool for buildings, which have been damaged by earthquakes.  Dr Wendel Sebastian spoke on his research in composites and demonstrated a number of different avenues his work was taking, including GFRP bridge decks and timber concrete composites.  He also discussed his work on one of the recent Serpentine Pavilions.  Dr Dimitris Karamitros spoke on his work looking at liquefaction of the ground during earthquakes including a number of real life examples and applications.  Finally, Dr Miguel Rico-Ramirez spoke on his work in radar rainfall measurements and the effect off-shore wind farms have on this data.  He identified how this affects readings and how these affects can be minimized.
The event was a great success with a large number of both students and staff attending.  Following the event, staff and students had lunch together and continued to discuss the work.  One student noted how much they had enjoyed the session and mentioned that they were delighted at how much they had understood, highlighting to them how much they had learnt in their first year and a half studying at Bristol. 
It is hoped that CivSoc and the Civil Engineering department will continue to organise similar events over the coming years.  The lecture was recorded and is available to staff and students here:
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