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Blades Research Hub to support development of next generation turbine blades

29 June 2017

A £2.3 million research partnership between the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and the University of Bristol could help unlock larger and more powerful wind turbines than ever before.

Forming the Wind Blade Research Hub (WBRH), the five-year partnership has its sights set on building more efficient blades that harness more energy from the wind, which will prove crucial as the industry prepares to nearly double the power of offshore wind turbines, from 8MW today to 13-15MW by 2025.

Dr Stephen Wyatt, ORE Catapult's Research and Disruptive Innovation Director, said: "Producing a 13MW turbine means blades reaching 100m in length – something which pushes current technology to the very limit.

"As such, these longer blades will need to be constructed using new designs, materials and new construction and manufacturing processes – and these new blades will need to be tested and validated. The WBRH provides a mechanism for pulling all of these different strands together.

"With world-leading composites expertise, over 150 researchers dedicated to everything from aerodynamics and blade design, to materials and manufacturing, the University of Bristol is the ideal partner with whom to take forward this work."

Further information is available in the press release here.

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