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University signs partnership agreement with Airbus

24 June 2015

The University of Bristol has signed a partnership agreement with Airbus Group to formalise and build on the commitments from both parties for training, education and diversity.

The agreement was signed at last week’s Paris Air Show by the Dean of Engineering, who was accompanied by Airbus Ambassadors Professor Ian Lane and Dr Carren Holden. The partnership strengthens the strong working relationship that has been developed over many years.

Airbus has research collaborations with over 25 University of Bristol academic staff across four departments and representatives from the company sit on a number of steering groups for University run research and technology programmes that are funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council(EPSRC).

Advisory boards within the University covering areas such as: relationships with the engineering industry, aeronautical engineering education and research, and composite innovation and science are actively supported by Airbus. Company employees also give lectures to illustrate the relevance of student learning within the aerospace industry.

The Faculty of Engineering Industrial Liaison Office works closely with Airbus to develop targeted outreach and scholarship programmes, as well as providing regular student visits to the Airbus Filton site and opportunities for students to present to industry experts.

Further information

For more information please see the press release.

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