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£3.3m research facilities for synthetic biology open in Bristol

research facilities for synthetic biology open in Bristol

(From left to right:) Professor Tim Gallagher, Dean of the Faculty of Science; Dr Luke Davis, EPSRC; Dr Ceri Lynn-Adams, BBSRC; Dr Rowan McKibbin, BBSRC; Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education), Professor Judith Squires; Professor Dek Woolfson, Director, BrisSynBio and Dr Paul Race, Co-Director BrisSynBio, at the opening.

30 April 2015

New £3.3 million synthetic-biology research facilities at the University of Bristol were officially opened today by representatives from the UK research councils and the University. The research carried out there will have numerous applications, including helping to speed up drug discovery and development, and improving the yield of wheat.

The new equipment, which includes scientific robots and a dedicated super computer, was unveiled in the Schools of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics by Professor Judith Squires (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education) and representatives from theBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).  It will underpin new research activity in Bristol’s Synthetic Biology Research Centre, BrisSynBio, which is a £15 million centre funded by the two research councils for the next five years.

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