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€2.5 million for Quantum Photonics

JGR + 3D nano-cavity friend

John Rarity + 3D nano-cavity friend

Professor John Rarity in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is to be awarded a five-year European Research Council Advanced Grant for a project entitled ‘Quantum optics in wavelength scale structures’.

These grants are made under a new, Europe-wide scheme that supports exceptional, professorial-level research leaders in undertaking groundbreaking, high-impact research projects.  Professor Rarity is one of only 10 principal investigators in Europe to be awarded an Advanced Grant in the Physical Sciences domain. The award of €2.5 million will enhance the University’s activity in the area of Nanoscience and Quantum Information, one of its four strategic research initiatives.

Coupling Light

Coupling light into a wavelength scale nano-cavity

The aim of the project is to trap light in cavities that are as small as one cubic wavelength. Within these cavities one can expect to drastically enhance the interactions between the light and matter. This will lead to a new family of devices with unprecedented performance in the storage of data, the switching of light and the generation of light of tailored properties.