Wellcome PhD Programme in Neural Dynamics

The Wellcome Trust PhD programme entitled ‘Neural dynamics: from synapses to systems in health and disease’ combines the expertise of several faculties in Bristol, namely Life Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences, and also the Bristol Neuroscience network.

Neuroscience is one of the key areas of research at the University of Bristol. Furthermore, the city of Bristol has one of the largest concentrations of researchers engaged in neuroscience in the UK, many of whom are internationally recognised.  In 2003 Bristol Neuroscience was established to enable all neuroscientists working in Bristol – both within the University and its partner hospitals across the city – to make full use of all available resources and expertise. Bristol Neuroscience runs numerous activities to encourage the dissemination of ideas, to create opportunities for interdisciplinary research, and to facilitate the pursuit of neuroscience to the highest possible standard.

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