CyBOK: Cyber Security Body of Knowledge

How the ILO helped

The professional project management provided by the ILO has led to a continued successful partnership with the sponsor and all stakeholders, as well as the ongoing relationship with a large number of national and international academic authors and reviewers.  The ILO role has ensured the project is professionally financially managed and all outputs delivered on time.
PI: Professor Awais Rashid  
PM: Yvonne Rigby
Cyber security is becoming an important element in curricula at all education levels. However, the foundational knowledge upon which the field of cyber security is being developed is fragmented and, as a result, it can be difficult for both students and educators to map coherent paths of progression through the subject. By comparison, mature scientific disciplines like mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology have established foundational knowledge and clear learning pathways. There are a number of previous and current efforts on establishing skills frameworks, key topic areas and curricular guidelines for cyber security. However, a consensus has not been reached on what the diverse community of researchers, educators and practitioners sees as established foundational knowledge in cyber security.  
The Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK) project aims to codify the foundational and generally recognised knowledge on cyber security. CyBOK is meant to be a guide to the body of knowledge—the knowledge that it codifies already exists in literature such as textbooks, academic research articles, technical reports, white papers and standards. The project focus is, therefore, on mapping established knowledge and not fully replicating everything that has ever been written on the subject. Educational programmes ranging from secondary and undergraduate education through to post-graduate and continuing professional development programmes can then be developed on the basis of CyBOK. 
The CyBOK project is led by the University of Bristol (UoB) and is funded by the National Cyber Security Programme in the UK.  It commenced Phase I in February 2017, with Phase II running from November 2017 until July 2019.  Phase III will complete the project running from August 2019 until March 2021.
Key outcomes of the project are:
  • For the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge to become an internationally recognised resource for both the academic (curriculum development) and professional (skills mapping) cyber security community.
  • Active engagement with the cyber security community to provide a body of knowledge that is both a valid and trusted resource for the community.
  • Enhance curriculum design and professional skills programme design for the cyber security community by providing exemplar learning pathways at all levels of education and professional development.
  • Dissemination of CyBOK through a series of podcasts and webinars.
  • Develop and provide a curriculum mapping support programme for degree programme design at UK institutions.

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