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Formula Student (FS) is Europe’s most established educational motorsport competition, run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. From 2014, the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bristol will be supporting the development of a Formula Student vehicle: entering our team under the name Bristol Electric Racing.

Made up of students from the University of Bristol, we will be entering a Class 2 entry into the fully electric vehicle category in 2015, competing in all the competition’s static events, progressing to a Class 1 entry in 2016, where we will also compete in all the dynamic events.  The team already has a strong group of committed members which is continually growing. Many of these are engineering students contributing through credited projects.

This year there are 28 students from across the Faculty (Mechanical, Aerospace and Electrical engineers) working on the design of the car as part of their credited research projects. In total, circa 45 undergraduate students are contributing to the design of the car in their spare time, supported by an advisory committee of postgraduates from across the various departments.

The team has received significant support from the Faculty of Engineering in its search for success in the competition. The department has already provided financial support and the team has access to all of the excellent facilities at the university in the construction of the car. The faculty has also refurbished a part of the Queen’s School of Engineering Building into a team garage and a dedicated Faculty Advisor has been appointed to assist.

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formula student
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