"Space and the bottle that launched more than 1000 careers" - Airbus lunchtime lecture

24 October 2018, 1.00 PM - 24 October 2018, 2.00 PM

Joseph Bray, Head of UK Marketing, Airbus Defence and Space, Jack Laughland, Graduate, Airbus Defence and Space and Nick Crew, Chief Operations Officer, Airbus Endeavr

Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queen's Building

As a global leader in aerospace, defence, space and related services, Airbus is a major contributor to the UK economy. This includes a 14,000-strong UK workforce, spread over more than 25 UK sites, with annual revenues close to £6bn and a £500m research and development budget.

In this lecture, the team will provide an overview of the space sector, their experiences of working in this global market and their inspiration to choose a career in this creative, innovative and rewarding field – including making space ships out of washing up liquid containers! The interactive session will also provide an insight into the skills of the future and the technology challenges faced by society. 

Open to all, no booking required.

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For any queries please contact  sarah.hassall@bristol.ac.uk

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