Seminar: Lattice Boltzmann Method, theory and application

15 March 2017, 2.00 PM - 16 March 2017, 4.00 PM

The Fluid & Aerodynamics Research Group invite guest speaker Gonçalo Silva from the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal to give a seminar over two days.

Title: "Lattice Boltzmann Method, theory and application"

Abstract: This talk will explore the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) equation and its 2-step algorithm: propagate-along-links and equilibrate-at-nodes. General numerical characteristics of LBM as CFD tool will be discussed and pros and cons of LBM compared to other standard CFD methods will be explained. The talk will also concentrate on some kinetic theory background material as well as fundamentals and derivation.

2pm to 4pm in ACCIS 1, Queen's Building on 15.03.2017
2pm to 4pm in Faculty Boardroom, Queen's Building on 16.03.2017

All welcome, no booking required.

For further information please contact Dr Andrew Lawrie

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