Clifton Suspension Bridge Harp exhibit

20 October 2017, 5.00 PM - 20 October 2017, 7.00 PM

The Hub, Unit 5-6, 1 Canon's Road, Bristol, BS1 5UH

Come and share this unmissable first showing of the unique installation which sonically represents structural data of the Clifton Suspension Bridge!

In this remarkable collaboration, Bristol based musicians Yas Clarke and Lorenzo Prati along with luthier Sean Clark have been working with the Engineering and Music Departments at the University of Bristol to produce this installation. Sam Gunner, Professor Eddie Wilson, Dr John Macdonald, Dr Paul Vardanega and Dr Theo Tryfonas from the department of Engineering have all been involved in the data collection through structural sensors and developing the bridge monitoring dashboard which is going to be translated into sound at this event.

The work will take the form of a two-course harp, built by Bristol based luthier Sean Clark, which resembles the structure of the bridge. The harp will be played by two robotic arms which strum the harp in response to the data harvested by sensors that measure the bridge’s vibration and activity.

This intriguing installation forms part of Digital Bristol Week and is open to the public at this Waterfront venue.

The project is sponsored by the Jean Golding Institute for data intensive research at the University of Bristol, interested in new ways of exploring and understanding data.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

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