Professor Stephen Dugdale - inaugural lecture

9 March 2016, 6.15 PM - 9 March 2016, 7.15 PM

Professor Stephen Dugdale

Powell Lecture Theatre, HH Wills Physics Laboratory, Tyndall Avenue, BS8 1TL

Fermi Sea Fever

All solids contain electrons - so what distinguishes a metal from an insulator?  In this lecture I shall show how one of the earliest applications of quantum mechanics was able to answer that question.  Electrons must follow a particular set of quantum rules (called Fermi-Dirac statistics), and our current understanding of the metallic state revolves around the idea of a “Fermi sea” of electrons and the concept of a "Fermi surface” as the surface of that sea.  But the sea is often not so tranquil; there are instabilities, and the shape of the Fermi surface is often to blame.  I shall describe how we study this rather mysterious Fermi surface using experimental and theoretical techniques, and explain its continuing importance in understanding the properties of metals.

Free to attend, but booking will be required via the online form.

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